Youth and death

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I remember perfectly when I was 24 years old. I was at the height of my youth. I was doing an exchange in California. Full of plans, he was hungry to live. Energy to give and to sell. Maybe that's why the news that the model Nara Almeida died this morning was so shocking to me, even though we were never introduced.

One day, I do not know how, I fell into a post from her. In the picture a beautiful girl. And in the legend a heavy diagnosis. Cancer. "It should be forbidden for a girl of that age to have a disease like that," I thought. I began to follow her to see her improvement. Especially when something went wrong in my day. I felt terrible about complaining about life when I remembered what she was going through.

Youth and struggle

During the whole time I accompanied Nara's hard-fought battle for life, I met a strong, optimistic, religious girl. A girl loved by her family, friends and, especially, by her boyfriend. A girl who fell and rose with the same speed, with the agility that only those who are at the height of their youth can.

But none of this prevented the disease from overcoming. Nara left this morning. The internet was full of posts about her and it was lovely to see how strangers in Brazil all twisted even from a distance, like me. They prayed for her to heal. Unfortunately it did not. She finally rested after nearly a year of fighting.

So even knowing that the pain of those who were with her in the battle must be immense, I am sure they know that she has done her best. You fought for life. And he left a legacy of strength, faith, hope. With it we remember to value simple things and not complain about small problems. If we have health the rest is silly. The post Youth and death first appeared in Family Muda Everything The best blog about family, parents and children, maternity, baby layette, life in Orlando

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