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If you're pregnant, you've probably stopped to wonder if it's worth doing lay-ups in the USA. It has the high dollar. There's the air ticket. There is the hotel. You thought of that too, right? For this text will convince you that even with all of this, making baby lay-ups in the USA is worth it. Especially if you do the shopping in the right place!

Baby layette in Orlando

To prove my theory I went to Macrobaby. For those who do not know this is the most complete store in the Orlando segment and one of the best in the US. It took just a few minutes to select products from the store, a quick internet price search of the same products in Brazilian stores … and that's it!

But coming back to prices, on a quick visit to Macrobaby, I noticed, for example, that a rocking chair by Fisher Price that here costs the equivalent of 159 reais in Brazil, an important store in the segment, costs 528 reais. The cart Moodd, Quinny, that at Macrobaby you find for 2,799 reais in Brazil costs 4,699 reais. Summer's electronic baby sitter with visor can be bought for 879 reais and in Brazil it costs 2,759 reais.

If you still have not convinced yourself with these three examples, let me give you a few more arguments. The first is that making baby outfits outside Brazil also means the opportunity to walk around before the baby is born. Remember, after childbirth it will take you a while to get "out of the cocoon." The second is that in the US you find a huge amount of options and news that take a long time to arrive in Brazil. And, finally, if you come to the US at a time of liquidation (Black Friday, for example), your economy is going to be even bigger.

So, do not hesitate to decide where to lay your baby. The United States remains the best option. And in Florida there is no other store that meets all the expectations of the dads and moms about Macrobaby!

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