Xuxa was old. Not you?

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People have to accept that I'm not younger. In short: people have to touch themselves from what … I got old! This simple statement – and strong – could be mine, but it is not. It's from a woman named Maria da Gra├ža Xuxa Meneghel. Or just Xuxa. A presenter, actress, pop pop singer, businesswoman, philanthropist and Brazilian model. A twice-winning Latin Grammy artist in the best children's album category. A woman known worldwide for the title of Queen of the Baixinhos .


For this woman is tired. And one of those days, in an interview for a TV show, he said. Can not take it anymore. She no longer wants to demand that she have long hair and not even knee-high as she had 20 years ago. May they suggest that you use hair swabs in your hair as you did on the morning show that played for years on Globo. Let him go back to the ship or have the club of paquitas while dancing.

"People have to accept that everything has a phase. Passed on. I think it's nice to have been part of people's lives. This demonstrates that it really marks an 'x' in their hearts. But you can not demand that I be that, it's ridiculous. It gets annoying, "he said.

Curious. Does it mean that Xuxa can not just grow old? Just like me, like you, like your aunt, your employee, your best friend? Can not you have become someone else, just like us? Can not you have other tastes, preferences, attitudes? Does it mean that it has to be, forever, the queen of the little ones although you and I have changed so much? What a sloth!

For Xuxa has matured. And yes, it has aged. Like us. And? What is the problem of women being 55, 60, 70? To have wrinkles? Of not having the body so in day (is not the case of Xuxa, that is great!). We need to stop asking people what we'd like them to be. We have to accept what they are. With your choices.

And if doing it is too difficult, my suggestion is: if you look in the mirror before criticizing. Think about how much you and your body have changed over the years. And when it's annoying to see it on his own, locked in the bathroom. Understood? Or do I need to draw? By the way, I had already written about Xuxa on another occasion. Is it so difficult to accept the reality of the other so to the point that we have to get back on the subject forever? What a boring thing.

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