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What's coolest at a kid's party besides watching the little ones having fun? The food, let's face it! Cheesecake, croquette, pastel, cheese bread. Hot dog, brigadier, kiss, little cunt … wow, that's a damn thing! I even think we do not have to spend horrors with decoration. Not even with a souvenir. Nor with any other superfluous. But with the food we can not economize! So when I heard that my friend chef Rê Cruz (@reccruz) decided to invest in this segment, I decided to share it here with you.

Child party

Imagine having all the delights done by those who really understand the subject? In fact, more than that: my friend is an expert on the subject! She already had a restaurant inside a school where, for 6 years, it served more than three hundred students a day. In other words, understand food and child! Do you have a better person to work with a children's party?

Her business model is pretty cool. You set the date, the menu (from ready-made templates that you can have from simple snacks to more elaborate options) and relax. From there the work of cooking and serving is all of her staff (yes, she takes waiter, drink, whatever you want!).

And there's more: the chef still makes personalized menus if necessary (lactose- for example).

I thought the idea was so cool that I decided to look for something similar here in the United States and, unfortunately, I did not find it. In fact here we even find tasty snacks (not like Rê's, of course), but professionals to serve, for example, have to be hired separately. The purchase of the entire beverage is also the customer's responsibility. That is, the work continues to be of the mother who, at the time of the party itself, is usually exhausted!

If you, like me, liked the idea of ​​my friend Rê Cruz, follow her contact for values ​​and reservations: [email protected] (in instagram you find her company in @amicibuffet). Note: this is not a publipost. It's just that I subscribe to Re's work because the gift she has with pots and pans is rare!

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