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Full day 43 years. 43 springs, summers, autumns and winters. 43 times 365. 15,695 days of life!

The number of days I've lived impresses, but it does not mean anything. The important thing is the number of times I've laughed until it hurts. The number of days I cried with emotion. And even sadness, longing, pain … why not? Thanks to them, I am who I am.

Of course I have stumbled many times over the years. I missed so many (aff, how much bullshit I did !!). But today I want to talk about the good memories that pop into my mind every time my whatsapp whistles with a message of congratulations. What a delight !!!

I want my day to be like this! Stuffed with good memories, like the ones I have with the dear friend I lived with as soon as I left my parents' house. Like the ones I got from travel with the first boyfriend who is my friend on Facebook and whom I support until today. Like the one I got from my college friend who turned me into a comadre and who I die for.

I want my day to be light as the year that is beginning today for me. I wish I had many reasons to toast. And I want friends to do this to me. The amount may decrease over time but, in my opinion, the quality only tends to increase.

I do not want more tables full. I want one, two friends at my side. Does not matter. But I insist that these are people who love me as I am. With all my faults. And I want real people with me. Without masks

In this new year I want to focus on what is good. Not worth it. In what drives me forward, in what makes me grow. When I get into the sea sooner during the sunset (my favorite time), that's what I'll mentalise and ask for. Now 2018 will start !!!

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