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I love it when I'm tired, I show it without meaning and someone asks, "Are you tired of what?" At the same time I make an immense mental list. Endless. It would take years to say it all. But summary: "of the rush". And so I follow. Pretending that everything is fine. But there are days when it is not.


There are days when my old daughter's nightmare or the pee in her little bed messes up at dawn. I hug the one who is terrified until she sleeps. I change the bed sheet from the other bed. And … I lose sleep. When he comes, it's time to wake up.

I take a deep breath and stand up. I have breakfast to prepare, a healthy lunch box to think about, dinner menu to create. And it's almost time for them to go to school. In the middle of all this I find a few minutes for a blush and a lipstick. It's the most it gives. Meetings, connections, a thousand texts to approve.

Long day

Meetings, connections, thousand texts to approve. In the middle of everything I start thinking about dinner and remember that I can not make pasta again. Better would be rice and beans. But the rice ran out. I have to go to the supermarket. No problem, because I also need to buy a gift for a little girl's friend who makes her birthday and a wine for the weekend. From that minute on the list only increases. Enter it spinach, chicken, wafer. Husband's favorite chocolate. And much more.

It's time to get the girls at school. And going to the grocery store with them complaining. And to buy all kinds of bullets so they're quiet. And to put everything on the list and anything else in the cart. In box. In the car. In the house garage. In the fridge.

Time for dinner. To talk to her husband. To set the girls apart. To hear the stories they have to tell. To accompany the lesson. To shower. Cut the nail. Put it to sleep.

Before the day finishes, better organize the kitchen. Send that email that I had forgotten. Finish the column that I write for the magazine. Better tell your husband that I'm going to be late tomorrow.

A quick shower, an inefficient makeup remover and a headache pill afterwards I'm in bed. Pretending that I'm going to watch a movie hugged to my love. I know it will not roll, but I try. After all, I'm tired of what? Tomorrow is another day and I have a lot to do to give myself the luxury of complaining about exhaustion!

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