Parkland tragedy: how to explain?

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How can you explain to your children the tragedy that happened at the school in Parkland? How to tell them that, one fine day, a former student entered school with an AR-15 machine gun? How to justify that he went out shooting and killed 17 children?

Of course I've tried the obvious. I explained that the shooter is a person with mental problems. After all, whoever fires the fire alarm to cause more people to leave the classrooms so that achieving more victims can not be good of the head. I also explained that it was a solitary student, strange. He even said there are more bad people in the world. But I do not know if it was enough.

Nina and MaitĂȘ, when they saw the news on TV, were shocked. They asked a series of unanswerable questions. And, worst of all, they wanted to know if this could happen at their school one day. What to say?

I preferred to say that in their school they have a strong security system. Police in the entrances. And much more. But it did not help much.

They wanted to know about the victims. About how families received the news of the deaths. About what it would be like to go to school after all this tragedy. And, frankly, it is impossible to answer such questions.

What I found cool in this tragedy was the concern of the two schools on the night of the crime. Predicting that this kind of reaction would happen, the principal sent a voice message on the phones of the students' parents. In it said that, for some days, they would have a professional the disposition of the students, to talk. He also said that they were taking even more security measures. And I regretted what happened.

For my part I tried to reassure the girls. Together we pray for the victims and the families that have lost their children, grandchildren, cousins, brothers. What a sadness.

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