Oscar 2018 and the feminist movement

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I watched a few minutes of the 2018 Oscar on TV. I had no choice in the dispute. I watched a few of the nominees. Even so, I loved reading about everything that happened on the most important night of world cinema. I loved to see the proportion that the feminist movement Time's Up (which fights harassment and abuse in industry) is taking. I loved seeing gorgeous mature women posing on the red carpet. And I even loved to see them with the statuette in their hands (case of the best actress and best supporting actress).

Not long ago the film industry forgot in a corner any women over forty. Rare and silly papers were missing. It was as if they had an expiration date. Is it past forty? Spoiled. Do you know what it is?

By the way things have changed. At the 2018 Oscar Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Faye Allison Janney, Frances McDormand – and many others – shone. More than many girls with baby skins, by the way. Because? Because finally the film industry seems to have understood that we get better professionals with age, dammit! Nothing replaces the experience. Nothing replaces maturity!

Oscar 2018

For all that the 2018 Oscar was important, in my point of view. Not only for the actresses who have more space on the screens. But for all women who feel left out because of their age.

Yes, as a journalist, I already felt the prejudice of being a forty-year-old. But does one 20 know what I know? Does she do what I do in a live interview? Is she respected as I am when I put an interviewee against the wall asking questions that he does not want to talk about? I doubt it!

The day will come when our wrinkles will be as respected as those of men. That our white hair will not attract attention, as with theirs. That we will no longer be charged by eternal youth. Until then events like the Oscar 2018 give us breaths of hope. We are on the right track!

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