Neymar: in one minute life changes

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He is the great name of world football. It was in him that everyone bet on the return match between Real Madrid and PSG, valid for the last 16 of the Champions League. It is on his shoulders that every Brazilian's dream is to say in June: "it's hexa!". But Neymar is flesh and blood. Like me, like you, like your neighbor. And in a minute, his life changed. At least for the hour

I do not know if the injury suffered last Sunday made the player remember this fragility of life. But, sure enough, it made us fans, let's stop and think. How life is crazy. How things change in the blink of an eye. How we need to live the moment.


One day Neymar was the king. The name of the Cup. In the other, his surgery was discussed. His presence in the World Cup was questioned. Watching Neymar leave the litter field, crying, broke my heart. More than that. It made me reflect on how we do not own our future. We can prepare. We take care of ourselves. Make plans. And yet, in a fraction of a second, everything can change.

The moment I realized that, I looked around and saw my daughters. Healthy. Happy. I thought about my life. Organized. Planned in the smallest details. Cute. And suddenly I was afraid. Of those surprises that can happen. Of these accidents to which we are subject. Of this uncertain future, though we strive so hard to make it right.

And concludes that we have nothing else to do but … live! Live today. Celebrate the minimum achievements. Do not slaughter us in the face of silly defeats. I decided to continue savoring my wine on Mondays. Cook shrimp on Tuesday. Picnic on Wednesday. Jump on the lake on the farm. Play hide and seek on Friday. And so on. Being happy every day of the week. Because life is today. And now. Good luck, Neymar!

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