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I had normal birth, celebrate some. I have nursed years, others vibrate. My son does not do tantrums, he does not use a pacifier or a bottle. Mine took off the diaper before walking. He learned to read by himself … Yes, the competition between the mothers has no limit. And worse, it has nothing to do with the age of the child. It has to do with being better, with standing out. At any cost! Even if it means lying, cheating, making a fool of yourself.

My daughters had to do a job for school. All you had to do was decorate a shoebox in their way. The teachers instructed students to use glue, crayons, crayons, crayons, glitter, glitter, sequins. Anyway, whatever they wanted to make the box beautiful and festooned.

On the eve of the delivery there I was innocent, buying things at stationery for school work. When I got home, I placed my purchases on the table and left them both behind. Make yourself comfortable. The boxes were cute, with the face of a thing made by a child, of course. But that was the idea, right?



Mother competition

For the next day, at the time of delivery, I realized that some mothers understood something else. for them it was another chance to win a competition. Many children showed up at school with boxes that seemed to have been made by renowned plastic artists. No paint out of place, no crooked adhesive. It was all millimetrically produced … by an adult!

Now tell me: what's the point of all this? The competition between mothers, of course! "Did you see the box that my son did, how beautiful?" They would say to each other while laughing at the neighbor's box, I imagine. Can be. Because you see, in my head, in such a situation, they teach the little ones that they can not do the work alone. That it's all right to lie to the teacher. That it's cool to cheat classmates. And why all this? To win the fight with the neighbor? Seriously.

In my house I will never compromise with that. Is the work to be done by them? So will be. In the case of homework I follow the same rule. And in everything else. I will never do anything for them. I will never imply that they can not handle the message. And, here among us, I have more to do than to compete with other mothers.

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