Ideas to take advantage of spaces behind doors

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It is not difficult, especially for those who do not live in a very large place, suffer with space problem and have no right where to store clothes, bags, documents or some other artifact.

In this case, every corner becomes precious, as, for example, that goes behind the doors that, although often ignored, can be of great value for those who look for an extra space.

To better enjoy this region of the room, simply use organizers very simple, and easily found anywhere, such as shelves and hooks. In this way, you can reinvent the usefulness of doors – which can have a function beyond what is usual – and get more space in your house to hang or store all kinds of things.

Check out below some tips from that will inspire you to make these little modifications in your own home.

1. Hooks

Practical solution for anyone who needs space to store bags or even jewelery, hooks can be purchased at building materials stores and affixed to the door or wall. In addition to the traditional models that require bore and nail, there are also sticky options and suction cups that do not damage the structure of the property.

2. Shelves

When the gap between the door and the wall is large, installing shelves is a way to optimize space and increase the surfaces to store objects that can not be horizontal. In this case, the shelves may be narrow but must be nailed to the wall or door so that they are well supported.

This trick can be applied in different environments of the house according to the need of each room. In service areas, pantries and kitchen this alternative can be especially useful.

3. Males

Structures with rods in different materials can be easily found in home-owned stores and are generally used to support curtains. When nailed or attached behind doors, the rods can serve to accommodate towels, for example.

To further benefit the effect provided by the men, it is possible to add movable hooks, which allow the storage of objects with holes, cords or handles, such as cutlery in the kitchens or bags in the rooms.

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