House on the beach is awesome!

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Whoever accompanies me here or through my social networks knows that I travel a lot with my family. That's why we always try to feel at home, wherever we are. Really. We like to have dinner. We like to watch TV in the living room. We like to sleep in separate rooms for privacy. So even when I decided to spend my birthday this year traveling decided to choose a house on the beach. And it was the best thing I did!

American beach house

My experience renting beach houses – here or in Brazil – has always been positive. But I know a lot of people who "bought a cat for a hare." I know people reserved palaces and ended up in huts. That's when they did not face the door! Anyway, I know we have to be careful when making this location, no matter where in the world we are! Especially when we are accompanied by children!

So when I decided to do this type of trip I decided to choose an Airbnb house to rent. Firstly because I know the history of the company and I know a lot of people who only travel like this today (mainly here in the US and Europe). Secondly, he would have someone to complain if something did not go according to plan. And third, because the site is easy to navigate and features thousands of options.

I chose the house that best suited my family: near the beach, with four bedrooms (we traveled with a couple of friends), swimming pool, barbecue, large and equipped American kitchen and Tasty room to relax at night! And it was better than we imagined!

 Our house on the beach !!! </p></div><h2> Delight weekend! </h2><p> We arrived in the late afternoon of Friday, we left things at home and went on foot enjoy the sunset on the beach (the house is very close to the sand). On the way back we had a nice dinner and chatted on the couch while the girls were resting in the bedroom (they loved sleeping in the bunk!). </p><p> On Saturday we woke up early, enjoyed the coffee (even pancake I did) and went to the beach. We spent the day nipping until the hunger really hit and we went back home for the husbands to barbecue while we were swimming around with the girls. The night another little jump on the beach and then another delicious little dinner showered with wine and games. <img class=

On Sunday the girls woke up super early. By 7am they were already at the pool!


A nap in the afternoon and everyone was ready to hit the road! With the certainty that we had made a delicious trip. What we need to repeat soon!

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