Happy Birthday to me!!!

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Happy birthday to me !!!!!! Yeah, you can judge me but time passes and I keep LOVING to celebrate birthday (Sunday, the 13th, it's my day)! I love to feel that I am completing another year of life. I love to look back and see all that I've conquered. And believe me if you like, I cut short until I think about the things that went wrong.

I love making new plans. I love to think the astral hell is over. I love to get hugs, kisses and, of course, gifts. Happy Birthday to me!!!!! Ebaaaa!

Happy Birthday of 43 years!

It's as if, for me, the year started really for that day. As if a new period, full of possibilities, was unfolding. I feel myself gaining gas and energy to go in search of what I want. As if I had stocked the tank of the car that was already in the reserve.

My daughters help a lot in this, because they are more anxious about the date than I am. Because they fill me with surprises. Of tickets. Of cards. They make me feel like the most loved person in the world! My husband likes the pampering too and the rest of my family, even miles away, makes my day even more incredible.

To be even more special has a detail – which is not detail, actually. My birthday falls this year on a magical day: Mother's Day! That is, God has been too good in my present! I will celebrate twice on Sunday!

By the way, I will also celebrate the fact of having health, my family united, work and disposition. To fight, to fight for what I want and believe. To win. I hope this year, which begins Sunday for me, will come full of challenges. I will welcome you full of courage, claw, will to win.

If I will be successful in the year that is beginning only time will tell. But what matters is that I'm ready to fight! Happy birthday to me!

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