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I just read that Google Assistant will be able to solve many issues of our day to day. He will be able to, for example, dial haircut by phone, make restaurant reservation and schedule doctor. According to the interview given by the person responsible for this novelty, however, she can not end the dating in the user's shoes. Hi? Until the end of the relationship do people want to pass on to someone? Do not you want to have that "job"?

Google does not solve everything …

Of course ending dating is one of the most annoying things to do in life. Of course, you waste hours, days thinking about a better speech than "it's not you, it's me". Of course, we hate to risk the person crying, begging, despairing. But it's part of life, okay? It is part of relating. It's part of starting and one day ending a relationship. You have to face it. It has to come to an end. And I can not outsource it!

I remember dating that I dragged with pity to annoy the person. Sometimes I hurt myself so I would not hurt the other.

If I could give some advice to someone who is going through it right now my advice would be: life is too short for people lose with annoying boyfriend that does not make us sigh. So, if it's not rolling anymore, finish. No mercy or pity. In fact, you must have to continue in a relationship that has ended, to deceive the person. And you have to pity yourself too that you're going to have to go to the movies with that guy that you can not stand to hear or breathe.

So be brave, make a date and say you do not want any more. That ended. You do not need to give too much explanation. Just look in the eye and say that you no longer feel what made you stay together one day. Abuse of sincerity. The truth. Of the affection that remains. From the eye to the eye.

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