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I've always loved carnival. When I lived in the interior of São Paulo, I used to dance at clubs and I was finished. As an adult, I paraded in the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro twice and I also loved it. But that's all until you get to know Salvador's carnival. It was love at first sight. When I met the reign of Axé, Ivete and Bell Marques never wanted to go to another party at this time of year. I found myself as I had never met. It was as if I belonged there. Music ran through my veins. My body danced almost involuntarily.

Carnival in the family

Last year, after nine years as the official host of the party (in the Band Folia broadcast), I decided not to go to Salvador. I decided to stay with my family for the first time in so many years – that is to say, I had NEVER spent my days with my daughters. So I decided to take my little ones for a walk. We went skiing. And it was great! But, I confess, I missed the energy of Bahia. From my friends. The party itself. There, i said it. I decided then that in 2018 I would correct that mistake.

My plans did not work, unfortunately, once again. I made a job in the other here in the United States and ended up being impossible to go to Brazil. Outcome: My carnival was working during the day and enjoying it with my family during the night. Nothing axé and trio electric one more time. And it was not that good too?

I'm not "doing Poliana", nor capping the sun with the sieve. I'm just noticing that although I missed the mess, my carnival was very special as well. I did a super cool job that I'm proud of (with the right to party back home), I enjoyed bathing with my daughters, having dinner with my husband, wine with my friends. It was really lively too. If in 2019 I go to Salvador? Can be. But I'd rather not make plans at the moment. If it works out it will be great.

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