Elephant memory and mother

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Mother needs patience. Mother needs help fixing up a mess. Mother needs affection and cafuné. But mother also needs, and a lot, of elephant memory. Because there is space in the memory of normal people to remember so much …

You have to remember to give the vaccine, to mark the ophthalmologist, to take to the dentist. You have to remember to buy sneakers because what the child has got is small. You have to remember to give the cough medicine. You have to remember to buy the gift for the weekend party. You have to remember to send a note to the teacher explaining the delay.

Memory is essential

Mother also has to remember to buy that little bread that the youngest daughter likes. The chocolate that the oldest loves. You have to remember to update the swimming medical exam. You have to remember to put the jacket in the backpack, the umbrella in the car. Have to remember that in the case of the older fourth is gymnastics day, dance fifth, sixth to go blue shirt. In the case of the younger the gymnastics is Tuesday, the dance is Wednesday. At least the blue shirt is also Friday! Ufa!

Mom has to remember that next week there's a party at school. That has excursion. That has to send snack in the plastic bag because that day can not lunch. Have to remember to wash the favorite shorts that yesterday his daughter got dirty with paint. From cleaning the wall where she put the muddy foot. To fix the drawers in the wardrobe and take what's no good.

Mother must remember to send the photo to the school's end-of-year party. You have to remember to pay for graduation. You have to remember that in a week the vacation begins. Ufa.

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