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In my house dog is more than a bug. It's part of the family. And son. Is brother. It's almost people! We are all in love with ours: a 15-year-old Maltese named Maui and a 10-year-old Labrador named Záira.

If you have or know someone who has that dog breed or watched the movie "Marley and I" I do not even need to get into the details of the breed. Best to skip this part (rs!) And focus even on the details that led us to fall in love with it.

Gift dog

In, 2008, the first anniversary I spent with Guilherme, he broke the head to choose one present that pleased me. Until one day decided. He gave me a gift plastic bone where he wrote: "It's worth a Labrador."

After I cried every stock of tears I had (because I really wanted a labrador and because he was the first boyfriend to see me in the hour of buy a gift), we went to the kennel. Arriving there the whole litter came to receive us. 10 beautiful puppies. Happy. Bouncy. Only one did not come. He was afraid behind a vase. My Záira was chosen. I went to meet her, I hugged my little girl and I promised her that I would protect her forever.

Since then we have lived many adventures together (even from country we moved). And she was always there with her little mouse swaying and her tongue wanting to "kiss" anyone who passed by. Until this weekend she did not look happy. On Saturday she cried in pain and only rested after taking a strong analgesic. On Sunday it was even worse. We went to the veterinary hospital. They diagnosed uterine inflammation. They decreed that we needed emergency surgery to save your life.

My heart pounded. Would I lose my chubby? I could not imagine being without her, even though I knew it would happen one day. And how could I explain this to my little ones? I honestly was not ready …

Anyway, we stayed all day waiting for the vet. Early in the evening and the message arrived: it had worked well in the surgery! What a relief. Which just was not greater than what I felt when I met her the next day at discharge. I recognized in her gaze that fear she felt the first day she saw me. And, just like I did ten years ago, I hugged my Záira and repeated that I would take care of her forever! I love you, chubby!

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