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That’s the news in my house. Nina and MaitĂȘ have decided that they no longer want to wear any children’s costumes. They took all the princess fantasies out of closets for the weekend. “We do not use that anymore,” they decided.

Part of me celebrated. Fantasies are expensive, they gather dust and take their place in the closet already cluttered with dresses, blouses, skirts. Finally, I will not have to explain why I do not want them to go to a wedding of a friend of mine dressed as Ariel or Snow White, even though it looks cute. I will no longer have to sew the pieces that, because they are so fragile, require almost daily touch-ups (is this purposely for us to live buying children’s costumes?).

On the other hand, part of me cried. You mean I’m not going to have Cinderella in the supermarket anymore? Am I not going to wake up with Moana and Elsa jumping on my bed? Will not I have to explain that you do not go into the pool and do not even sleep with these pieces? Worse: do you mean they do not want to be princesses anymore? Do not believe in the fantasy, the illusion of the perfect life, the enchanted prince, the castle?

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How so ??

I decided to take this story clean. Nina, about to turn 8, seems to really not find grace in the plays. And not even the princesses themselves. He looks cool when he finds them in the park and even asks to take a picture, but he does not have that adoration before. She is torn between being a child and being a pre-teen and having childish fantasies in the closet almost holding her in the world of the little ones.

MaitĂȘ is already in her sister’s mood. She even likes fantasies. He even believes in the princesses and dreams of their magical world. But if the sister she so much admires says that she no longer wants the costumes, the end of the pieces is decreed, since she was born, they were the favorites.

And so, with simple decisions, they are showing me that they are growing. They’re warning me that I will not have children any more soon. That I have to prepare myself to say goodbye to a beautiful stage, playful and that will leave me full of nostalgia.

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