American school vacations: eba!

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Today officially begins the American school vacations !! From now on the children will enjoy almost three months without homework and not much responsibility. The only thing is to play!

American school holidays

Before telling how the American school holidays are going to be in my house, let me explain how things work here. The school year ended yesterday. The summer holidays prepare the child for the next series. Nina goes to the 3rd Grade and MaitĂȘ for the 1st Grade (3rd and 1st grades, respectively).

Another difference is that here these holidays are equivalent to the December and January vacations in Brazil. In fact they last even longer. They go from the end of May to the second half of August. At the end of the year students only have Christmas and New Year's Eve to rest.

And last but not least, Summer Camps are very common here, where children can spend the day full of activities. Some public schools have this option (the week costs around $ 100 and includes lunch, snacks and a lot of fun). But parents can still choose Summer Camps with specific activities like arts, sports, dance. And the prices vary according to the location and the activity offered.

Anyway, everything explained I will tell you how it will be in my house. As my husband and I work the two go to the Public School Summer Camp from Monday to Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays Guilherme and I are going to take turns and work at home office. That is, they will have 3 days with an alarm clock but with a lot of fun in school and four waking up whenever they want and playing in the street, in the backyard, in the room.

The most important thing in my opinion is that until August they do not have too much commitment, not much routine set on the day. You can sleep later if you are not sleepy. You can go to your neighbor's house that night. You can have ice cream on Monday. They are on vacation and they deserve to have a real fun!

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