I'm not the mother of a margarine commercial. I have witch days with the girls, especially when they mess up […]

Happy birthday to me !!!!!! Yeah, you can judge me but time passes and I keep LOVING to celebrate birthday […]

Full day 43 years. 43 springs, summers, autumns and winters. 43 times 365. 15,695 days of life! The number of […]

I remember perfectly when I was 24 years old. I was at the height of my youth. I was doing […]

Mother needs patience. Mother needs help fixing up a mess. Mother needs affection and cafuné. But mother also needs, and […]

What's coolest at a kid's party besides watching the little ones having fun? The food, let's face it! Cheesecake, croquette, […]

I love it when I'm tired, I show it without meaning and someone asks, "Are you tired of what?" At […]

Today officially begins the American school vacations !! From now on the children will enjoy almost three months without homework […]